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Microseismic joins an alliance with Terra15

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Microseismic joins an alliance with Terra15 for Turnkey Passive Seismic Monitoring using DAS

HOUSTON, TEXAS - August 24, 2023: MicroSeismic, Inc. (MSI) and Terra15 have formed a strategic alliance to provide a comprehensive turnkey monitoring solution for geoscience and civil engineering applications using distributed fiber optic sensors (DFOS) and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS). This collaboration will support carbon sequestration, geothermal stimulation, hydraulic fracturing, and karst growth and development for sinkhole detection. This solution is designed to cater to several geoscience and civil engineering applications in the marketplace, bringing a new level of monitoring capabilities to the market.

The partnership between MicroSeismic and Terra15 will provide a best-in-class passive DAS monitoring solution for a wide range of geoscience and energy sector applications. MSI and Terra15 will offer efficient, and effective technology and expertise to support the industry's monitoring needs. Through this alliance, MicroSeismic can now deliver monitoring services for the pipeline industry.

MicroSeismic seeks to continuously develop and enhance the technology it brings to the market and provide a best-in-class monitoring service to its clients. Dr. Peter M. Duncan, CEO & Founder of MicroSeismic said: 'Safe, efficient, and effective monitoring of geological reservoirs and civil infrastructure is an important element of our modern industrial society. The advancements in DAS fiber monitoring are unparalleled, and we at MicroSeismic are thrilled that this joint venture with Terra15 gives us access to a best-in-class DFOS solution. This alliance will enable MicroSeismic to provide a comprehensive turnkey passive DAS monitoring solution for critical and mandated geoscience applications and pipeline monitoring services for the oil and gas, energy, carbon, and civil engineering sectors.'

Terra15's patented design of the Treble DAS interrogator makes it the first interrogator in the world to provide best-in-class sensitivity at the frequencies important for effective passive microseismic monitoring. Dr. Nader Issa, CEO & Founder of Terra15 said, 'We are thrilled by our new partnership with MicroSeismic Inc. It enables new service capabilities and enhanced monitoring solutions for energy and environmental monitoring. The partnership leverages Terra15's performance-leading DAS technology and MicroSeismic Inc.'s deep domain experience. We are very excited to better serve the North American market.'

In summary, this alliance means MSI can better address our customers' requirements and deliver the technological solutions required by the Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Transition, by enhancing our monitoring solutions and strengthening our position in the market.

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