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Most oil and gas companies plan to use cloud services - Accenture / Microsoft

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A majority of oil and gas companies are either already using cloud services, or plan to use them in the future, in a survey conducted by Microsoft and Accenture.

36 per cent said "there are plans to use cloud services in the future;" 23 per cent said they were "currently using private cloud services," and 9 per cent said they were "currently using public cloud services."

17 per cent said "Cloud Services are not applicable to my role" and 16 per cent said "There are no plans to use Cloud Services in the future."

The survey questioned 200 people in international, national and independent oil and gas-related companies, of which 30 per cent were engineers, 30 per cent management and 20 per cent IT.

When asked how their IT expenditure had changed since last year, 44 per cent said more, 31 per cent said the same, 8 per cent said less and 55 per cent weren't sure.

The biggest reason for spending more was to improve efficiency - " Upgrading systems to make operations more integrated and efficient."

The biggest expected benefit was "Easier access to volumes of data necessary for oilfield operational decision making."

74.5 percent spent as much or more 'focus and investment' on IT in 2011 as they did in 2010.

Other trends include the increasing use of mobile computing devices in the workplace and the rise of big data, which refers to the proliferation of massive amounts of data useful for business intelligence.
Nearly half (43 percent) said they also anticipate lower costs due to streamlined operational workflows.

The survey results indicate that new drilling regulations have caused the industry to further increase its focus on risk reduction and heightened health, safety and environmental protections.

Almost 75 percent of survey respondents agreed that the need for improved incident response has created the need for greater IT integration in the upstream environment.

However, 60.5 percent of respondents said that, as a result of those same regulations, they are experiencing slower business processes.

Regional results reveal that additional regulations were slowing business processes for close to half (46.3 percent) of North American survey respondents, followed by respondents in Asia-Pacific (12.4 percent) and Africa (7.4 percent).

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