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Moveout Data to develop OGA's National Data Repository

Thursday, February 18, 2021

  • Osokey collaborates with Moveout to migrate UK offshore legacy data to the cloud
  • Part of programme to enhance OGA's National Data Repository
  • Moveout's METASEIS system will ensure integrity and accuracy of data

A collaboration between Moveout Data Seismic Services and lead partner Osokey has been awarded a major contract to provide cloud-based data services to the UK Oil & Gas Authority (OGA), as a critical element in the development of its National Data Repository (NDR). The contract, which will see Moveout and Osokey provide migration and data visualisation services, calls for developed services to launch in 2021.

The partnership will employ class-leading technologies to support the OGA in becoming a digital leader in cloud-based data access. Facilitating access to legacy data is a key element in the OGA's strategy, with the intention of unlocking the value of subsurface data as a national asset.

Osokey's system was selected as the OGA's preferred technology to support a range of activities from exploration through to developing carbon storage in order to assist in realising the UK's net zero objectives. While the platform will continue to host a range of existing information including wellbores, geophysical surveys and petroleum infrastructure, the emphasis is on ease of access and use of the data it holds, including the ability to provide data visualisation and collaboration capabilities.

Moveout, formed in 2014 by a team of experienced seismic specialists, has grown rapidly due to its unique combination of quality and speed, says Darren McDonald, Moveout's managing director. 'Committing early on to our own system, Metaseis, has allowed us the freedom to incorporate all the lessons we've learnt over many years in seismic and ensures quick and flexible on-going development. Metaseis will enable us to provide thorough quality control of data migrating onto the OGA platform.'

Osokey chose to collaborate with Moveout for its expertise in tape transcription, reparation of corrupt files and the conditioning of seismic data into a 'processing ready' state. Moveout's Metaseis software provides data interrogation, display and format standardisation and has a tape drive inventory extensive enough to tackle the largest of tape read projects.

'Moveout and Osokey share a lot of common ground in our desire to apply new technology to existing processes in order to extract greater value,' concludes McDonald. 'It is our joint aim to simplify access to data within the OGA's NDR and ensure users can use it to the fullest extent.'

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