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Net Zero Technology Centre launches project with Palantir Technologies and IndHu

Monday, December 19, 2022

Palantir Technologies and InDHu confirmed as partners for the Offshore Energy Data Architecture (OEDA) project.

The Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC) has announced Palantir Technologies, and InDHu as partners for the delivery of its Offshore Energy Data Architecture (OEDA) project.

The project, which is also supported by Energy Systems Catapult, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, Offshore Energy UK, North Sea Transition Authority, Open Data Institute and Baringa, will demonstrate how to secure, capture and make available critical industry data, in an open and collaborative way.

The OEDA project, will deliver a prototype data sharing service, utilising Palantir's Foundry Platform. The Foundry Platform, powered by The Ontology, will provide an ecosystem for the controlled sharing and analysis of data, enabling end-users of all technical ability to connect to integrated data and models in order to generate insights. This collaborative network will help to inform oil and gas operators of potential efficiencies to reduce emissions whilst providing the necessary governance and security controls to ensure data integrity.

The project builds on the one of the recommendations detailed in the Digitalising Offshore Energy Systems report, published by the Offshore Energy Data Strategy (OEDS) Taskforce, to create a common data toolkit.

The OEDA project is one of seven projects being delivered through the centre's Net Zero Technology Transition Programme (NZTTP), which was awarded £16.5 million from the Scottish Government's Energy Transition Fund to transform the North Sea energy system.

Blair O'Connor, OEDA Project Manager, from Net Zero Technology Centre commented: 'The OEDA project offers a unique opportunity to build on the industry recommendations from the OEDS Taskforce report, which highlights the need to adopt existing digital technologies and realise the critical role data sharing plays in integrating the offshore energy network.

'Industry project partners with significant expertise in creating data sharing environments will play an important role in helping establish an interconnected data ecosystem. This will help remove data silos, improve transparency and ensure emissions reduction techniques are implemented across the industry.'

Palantir UK Head, Louis Mosley said: 'The past few years have been characterised by a raft of important targets and high-level commitments around carbon reduction. Now the challenge is how to deliver. That is, at its core, a data challenge, because data can provide a clear view of the full picture and allow us to model with precision how specific actions can reduce emissions.

'This innovative partnership between industry and government, and the cutting edge technology behind it, will enable North Sea energy to lead on meeting that challenge, ushering in a new era of stronger energy security, with fewer emissions, at lower cost.'

Jean-Luc Vincent Franc, Managing Director, InDHu said: 'We are delighted to be selected as a trusted digital partner to deliver the Offshore Energy Data Architecture (OEDA) project.

"Our highly experienced team is uniquely positioned to unlock the full value of data, improve decision-making and increase data transparency across the offshore energy sector. We have a long history of delivering transformations at scale in different sectors and we're looking forward to bringing our deep industry knowledge and digital experience to help turn net zero ambitions into a reality."

David Evans, Senior Digital & Data Consultant at Energy Systems Catapult, said: 'The OEDA project demonstrates how industry partners can come together and develop innovative solutions to facilitate wider data sharing. The programme will deliver part of the Data Sharing Fabric that was outlined in the Offshore Energy Data Strategy Taskforce, a key enabler of many data sharing opportunities across the sector.'

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