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Oilennium gears up to meet demand for eLearning services

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Oilennium Ltd, a Petrofac Training Services (PTS) company that provides eLearning training services to the oil and gas industry, is expanding its UK and USA offices as demand for its services continues to fuel dramatic growth in the UK and USA.

Oilennium has bolstered its employee ranks by 30%, bringing the total number of employees in the UK and USA to 44, over the last five months. To accommodate its growing numbers, Oilennium also doubled the size of its global headquarters in Norfolk, England, and its US office has recently moved along with PTS into new, larger premises in Houston.

The expansion is in response an increase in demand for its online training systems - such as the ConTrainer, Learning Management System, and simulators - which has tripled since 2012, as well as its drive to secure new business.

Samantha O'Hara, General Manager of Oilennium, said: 'With the addition of experienced, creative staff, and a major expansion of our global headquarters, we have considerably enhanced our ability to serve our clients around the world. When coupled with the success of the customised eLearning programmes that we produce for clients that provide an efficient, cost-effective method of training employees regardless of their location, our position in the global marketplace grows stronger every day.'

Vibrant Workplace + Opportunity Attract Top Talent
To prepare for continued demand, Oilennium continues to source talented designers, media developers, and account managers to meet its growing needs as part of a recruitment drive which began in early 2013. Seven employees have been hired in the UK and six in the USA, providing a dedicated production team in Houston.

O'Hara said: 'We grew the business slowly, giving us time to provide the industry with online eLearning products that really do deliver effective, quality training services at a reasonable price. Over time, we have built upon that reputation, so that we are operating from a position of strength when it comes to recruiting top talent. In spite of the current staffing crisis facing the industry, we can attract the best people; they see Oilennium as an attractive, growing company that offers the opportunity to work as a member of a dynamic, creative team. That level of employee satisfaction fuels their motivation to contribute their best efforts, which bodes well for the quality of our work. Ultimately, it's our clients who benefit, so it's a win-win situation for everyone.'

Expanded Facility = Enhanced Service
The move into its expanded UK headquarters offers significant benefits to clients and staff. Instructional designers and media developers work on-site in production facilities where they create interactive online training programmes, films and simulators for oil and gas industry clients. Oilennium has also expanded its office space where account managers liaise with clients to make certain that the projects are proceeding as planned, and achieve their specific objectives.

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