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Open Footprint Forum & PIDX ETDX collaborate to standardize emissions reporting

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

PIDX International, a professional standards organization dedicated to advancing data exchange and digital business in the Energy Industry, announced that its Emissions Transparency Data Exchange Project Team (ETDX) is collaborating with The Open Group Open Footprint Forum.

The Open Footprint Forum mission is to create a definitive platform for emissions data (e.g., water, land, energy) and base calculations to standardize and compile data.

PIDX ETDX is developing use cases for data exchange along the value chain, exploring how the existing PIDX schemas could be extended to support the transfer of emissions data from supplier to operator, and vice versa.

Greenhouse gas emissions in the Energy Industry are often categorized by evaluating the source of the emissions in the supply chain. Scope 1 emissions come from direct sources-organizations directly producing emissions from its own assets-while Scope 2 and 3 come from indirect sources, with Scope 2 looking at what is consumed by an organization, and Scope 3 examining all other emissions associated with the products and services an organization produces, but that come from assets that organizations do not own and operate.

'Being able to share this information between companies and industry will be integral to us having a more complete picture of the emissions tied to those products that we consume,' said Mary Sailors, a member of the PIDX ETDX team and Sub-Chapter Head of Data Science at Chevron.

The collaboration with The Open Group Open Footprint Forum will focus on the complementary strengths of PIDX standardizing the emissions data when it is being exchanged between trading partners and the Open Footprint Forum standardizing the schemas of the data stored at rest.

'PIDX is excited about collaborating with The Open Group Open Footprint Forum,' said Stephanie Waters, PIDX President. 'We don't want to reinvent the wheel and instead want to focus on enhancing PIDX data exchange schemas to meet industry needs around emission data. Members of the Open Footprint Forum will be standardizing the emission data requirements. These emissions data standards can then be incorporated into the PIDX Business-to-Business messaging schemas, aiding our PIDX users in the transfer of this data in a seamless and standard format.'

The PIDX ETDX team is also looking at leveraging the reference data that PIDX manages, including Downstream Master Codes for Products, Companies, and Terminals-as well as references in the Petroleum Industry Data Dictionary (PIDD)-an open, royalty-free dictionary that classifies products and services with more than 4,100 templates mapped to UNSPSC.

The Open Group Open Footprint Forum is an industry consortium that enables businesses to solve problems together in order to help drive objectives that benefit the industry as a whole.

'We are very pleased with the support of PIDX since it will help us greatly to make The Open Group Open Footprint standards fit for purpose and established in the market,' said Johan Krebbers, Chair of the OSDU Forum.

'As the Energy Industry works toward carbon neutral goals, partnership between organizations to quickly define how to report carbon usage in a standard way across the energy industry will enable reporting on how those goals are progressing which benefits the whole industry.' said Chris Welsh, Chairman of the Board of PIDX. 'By combining resources, the industry will save money and agree on processes that benefit organizations and stakeholders alike in an expedited way.'

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