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"Optique" $17.5m EU oil and gas big data research project now mid-way

Thursday, December 11, 2014

"Optique", a 4 year, $17.5m oil and gas big data research project co-ordinated by a University of Oslo professor, is now in the mid-way stage. The project has EUR 9.7m funding from the European Union and is supported by DNV GL, Siemens, Statoil, and a German cloud data company called "fluid Operations".

Optique aims to develop a software platform to help oil and gas users work with large and complex data sets, using "semantic technologies", which includes data meaning as part of the data model.

The project was initiated in 2010 by University of Oslo (UiO) professor Arild Waaler, and launched in 2012. Total funding is Eur 13.8m (USD 17.5m) including Eur 9.7m from the EU.

Professor Waaler believes that this system will be different to other big data solutions, in that it will focus on understanding the complexity (including the variety) of the data, where most other big data solutions just focus on working with large data volumes.

"Optique .. addresses trustworthiness by showing where data came from and how it has changed, providing transparency for the end user," he said.

At the moment, geologists and engineers need to involve the IT department if they would like to post a complex query to their databases, but with the Optique system, they can get answers in minutes, he believes.

'This will open up new exploratory and interactive ways of working as users get more relevant data sets in shorter time."

The results of the research are planned to be presented in Høvik, Norway, in early 2015, with an aim to attract more companies to get involved, and ultimately develop methods and technology which will be used by the industry mainstream.

'We will deliver a good concept, but this will not be something that can be delivered to the industry two years from now," Professor Waaler said.

"I hope that by then [early 2015] we have something so impressive that the industry will want to continue to fund this project. I am optimistic."

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