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PIDX International releases revision to Price Sheet schema

Thursday, May 7, 2020

PIDX International announced that it published a revision to its PriceSheet schema (PriceSheet.XSD). Originally published in 2014, the new 2020 revision is available royalty-free here.

When companies syndicate price sheets between trading organizations, it is common for them to use parameters that have additional part numbers and descriptions. The original schema includes parameters to allow the description of the parts to be transferred among trading partners, but not the values. The newly revised PriceSheet.XSD accommodates both the values and the description.

The Project Team began its work in July 2019, and the revised standard was published in just 8 months.

'It is a common requirement to include parameter values, so passing this revision will now provide trading partners a version of the standard with proper data elements included when syndicating price sheets. Extended supplier part numbers can now be sent in catalog price files. These changes improve the efficiency and data accuracy of exchanging price books between suppliers and operators.' said Margret Saniel of OFS Portal and Chair of the Price Sheet project team.

PIDX is committed to developing and publishing royalty-free standards that support the efficient exchange of electronic data within the Energy Industry. These standards are the product of digital collaboration within the industry, spearheaded by PIDX's Work Groups and Project Teams, within a strict anti-trust compliance framework.

'As PIDX standards continue to be adopted worldwide, the users continue to identify areas of improvement,' said Trish Nguyen, Chair of the PIDX Standards & Guidelines Committee. 'The standards development process allows us to form Project Teams and make incremental changes to existing standards to make them more useful to the industry and ensure that they can be widely adopted and used by the industry through our balanced PIDX voting process.'

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