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Paradigm experiments with augmented reality in the subsurface

Friday, August 23, 2013

Subsurface software company Paradigm has been experimenting with ''augmented reality''.

First, a 3D graphics company created a physical object- a 3D model of a salt dome that had originally been modelled using Paradigm SKUA modelling software - using a 3D printer.

Then it built a software tool running on an iPad, which takes a video image of the physical salt dome and displays it in 3D on the iPad screen. It then superimposes other geological data modelled using various Paradigm software applications (faults, stratigraphic horizons, well data, stratigraphic features, etc.) on the image.

In the example shown on the front cover, the computer software (on the iPad) is superimposing elements of the geological model (faults, horizons, channels, exploration wells) on top of a video image of the 3D printed salt dome.

While not yet in use in real world applications, it certainly gets you thinking.

"It is augmented reality," says Mélanie Morin, Technical Sales Advisor - Geomodeling, with Paradigm. "It shows how Paradigm solutions offer deeper insight into the subsurface, in a clear, visual manner that audiences can readily understand. The augmented reality experience literally places the geoscientist in the heart of the subsurface model. "

The iPad augmented reality software was developed by UK 3D graphics company Inition.

The seismic data were processed using Paradigm software Echos, GeoDepth and EarthStudy 360. Channels were detected using VoxelGeo, the structural and stratigraphic model was computed using SKUAUVT Technology, wells were designed with Sysdrill and petrophysical properties were analysed in Geolog.

You can interact with the model (on the iPad screen) by looking at the salt dome from different directions, as well as explore the structural model, plan well trajectories, analyse petrophysical and seismic data, study the geological features, and get a better understanding of the geology. You can even slice through the seismic cube.

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