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Petrolink launches Manage By Exception system

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Petrolink has announced the launch of its Manage By Exception (MBE) system, a software solution designed to help drillers manage the high volume of alerts generated during drilling by prioritizing them, thus enabling drillers to raise only the priority ones to exactly the right person at the right time.

Based on user-defined exceptions, MBE is a productivity enhancing system that puts the user in control of which alerts to display, thereby eliminating alert overload.

'Throughout the process of drilling a well, issues can arise that will slow down or even halt operations,' said David Johnson, vice president Innovation, Petrolink. 'Operators need to be quickly and accurately alerted of the situation in order to take corrective action. However, since they often have numerous wells to monitor, maintaining sharp attention to each screen and deciding which items are the most important to resolve can be difficult. Manage by Exception is a smarter way for companies to solve this issue and manage their drilling operations.'

MBE allows users to identify which wells and wellbores to monitor and enables them to send the corresponding alerts to selected personnel on the system. The system identifies initial issues before they become a problem, allowing operators to correct events in real-time and ensure the integrity of their equipment. Users also have the flexibility to adjust rule or notification behaviors to adapt the system to a variety of critical real-time situations and well/wellbore scenarios. The system can monitor multiple workflows remotely across a fleet of rigs or implement company-wide drilling activities and best practices on every active well.

Regardless of where the company or service team is located, the system immediately sends mission critical alerting information to the Real-Time Operations Center and office.
In addition to the on-screen notifications, the MBE system can send messages via text and email, allowing key personnel to continue their routines outside of the office while they are away from the computer.

MBE is currently being used across the entire global fleet of a Super Major E&P leader for which it has delivered significant results in terms of cost savings, time-savings, and problem avoidance. The Company also uses the system for Process Safety workflows as well as Risk Assessment.

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