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Petrosys is pleased to announce the acquisition of GLOBE Claritas

Monday, January 6, 2020

Petrosys is pleased to announce the acquisition of GLOBE Claritas seismic processing software from GNS Science in New Zealand.

The backing of Petrosys will open up a new phase of growth for GLOBE Claritas, allowing stronger penetration of geographical markets and providing access to a broader shared global client list and geographic outreach focused on the resources industry.

Our corporate ethos of allowing acquired companies to retain their individual brand strengths and culture will ensure that GLOBE Claritas remains a respected, trusted, independent and responsive provider for seismic processing and data management software. Petrosys' independent and collaborative approach to software solution development and continual innovation in partnerships with clients, will complement the long-term evolution of the GLOBE Claritas products.

'The sale of Claritas to Petrosys is an excellent fit and a strong example of effective research commercialisation. Claritas software was initially developed in the early 1990s as an in-house tool for GNS Science. It was then established as a stand-alone entity and the software offered externally. Working with Petrosys will mean new opportunities for both the Claritas software and its people,' said Ian Simpson, Chief Executive of GNS Science.

'Claritas is a globally-recognised seismic processing solution and has been used in 30 countries by more than 75 organisations. We're looking forward to working with Petrosys and growing that user base even more', said Andy Juniper - Claritas Product Owner.

'We are excited to add the Claritas product suite and knowledge base to the Petrosys group. This acquisition provides even more detailed geophysical knowledge and expertise in our software R&D team, coupled with a combined enrichment in our shared understanding of seismic data, processing methods and the way this knowledge is used in the oil and gas exploration and the hard rock minerals development lifecycle', said Scott Tidemann CEO at Petrosys.

Petrosys domain experience in working with seismic knowledge from a wide range of industry sources, combined with our recognised visualisation expertise will complement the HDF5 driven data storage and exchange mechanisms in Claritas. We will continue to enhance the depth and quality of processing techniques and methods with an agile and independent perspective to support the wide range of companies and academic teams globally making use of the Claritas software.

'Petrosys will continue to bring a global presence and strength to Claritas, while retaining a strong commitment and culture of high-quality support and long-term view of relationships with clients and business partners. We would welcome input and collaboration from clients to help us to further understand and realise the opportunities from the acquisition of the Claritas software as seismic acquisition techniques and clients software needs continue to evolve', Tidemann added.

A Petrosys New Zealand Ltd branch office has been opened in Lower Hutt near Wellington, providing a home base in NZ that will continue to serve Claritas and Petrosys clients. This will remain the centre of excellence for continued R&D investment in the GLOBE Claritas product suite and for Claritas staff transferring to the Petrosys world-leading software team.

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