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Sercel delivers first WiNG nodal acquisition system, to TPIC in Turkey

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Sercel announced that it has completed its first delivery of WiNG, its next-generation wireless land nodal acquisition system.

Turkish Petroleum International Company (TPIC), a long-standing Sercel client, has selected a WiNG system for upcoming seismic acquisition projects in difficult-to-access mountainous areas of Turkey.

WiNG meets TPIC's requirements for optimal operational efficiency and delivery of the highest-quality seismic data to the processing center. This is achieved through the combined benefits of WiNG's System-Certified Data concept and the proven high performance of Sercel's QuietSeis®, the industry's only third-generation MEMS sensor.

WiNG delivers System-Certified Data thanks to its Data Completion Manager (DCM), a unique central software platform that significantly improves and automates the assignment of data collected in the field. WiNG nodes can also be configured to operate with Sercel's proven Pathfinder transmission management technology, enabling continuous remote monitoring of the spread, including alerts if acquisition noise specifications are exceeded.

WiNG nodes featuring the latest Sercel QuietSeis MEMS sensors have unmatched manufacturing tolerances, which reduce amplitude and phase dispersion and guarantee sensor stability over time and at extreme temperatures. Recent tests confirmed their unparalleled broadband performance and digital fidelity, resulting in superior data for imaging compared to competing nodes equipped with analog sensors.

Emmanuelle Dubu, Sercel CEO, said: «We thank TPIC for the confidence they have shown in Sercel's seismic equipment over the years and for recently selecting our new WiNG nodal land acquisition system. Despite the recent lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we delivered the equipment on time, underlining the strength of our commitment to our clients. We are in no doubt that with our WiNG system TPIC will achieve high survey productivity and collect broadband seismic data of outstanding quality.'

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