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Shuttle XP 1000: easy handling of heavy loads

Thursday, November 14, 2013

There is a new addition to the Shuttle XP storage lift series from Kardex Remstar. Besides the 250, 500, and 700 models, the dynamic storage system now also includes the Shuttle XP 1000 model. Parts weighing up to 1,000 kg per tray can be stored using the new unit. The new solution from Kardex Remstar allows oil and gas companies to store in their heavy parts, bulky parts or spare parts - and even pallets - for keeping drilling and manufacturing operations flowing.

Automated storage lifts from Kardex Remstar are not only a highly efficient storage solution for small parts, but also for heavy and/or bulky parts. Kardex Remstar has introduced the new Shuttle XP 1000 onto the market for the simple storage and ergonomic retrieval of cumbersome parts. Heavy tools can be safely stored as easily as large goods, a large number of small parts per tray, or entire pallets.

''This makes it a perfect solution for the oil and gas industry, where there is often a need to store heavy or long items, like pipework, motors or rigging equipment'', says Richard Price, Sales Director UK and Ireland of Kardex Remstar. ''And with the pallet storage and crane handling features, we are providing additional handling solutions that are unique in the market.''

Providing stability in the storage system is a new tray type, which can accommodate up to 1,000 kg with a width of 1,250 mm and up to 800 kg with a width of 4,050 mm. For ease of use, the new tray uses castors instead of conventional plastic sliding shoes. The storage system can be used by a wide range of sectors as a production buffer, to supply assembly lines, as a tool store, or to distribute spare parts. Whether as a stand-alone solution or in combination with other machinery, fast access to the stored parts is guaranteed, which is critical to operations in the oil and gas industry.

Unique in the market: pallet storage and integrated hoisting crane
Handling pallets is also no problem for the new Shuttle XP 1000 storage lift. One pallet, or even two side by side, can be stored with a special tray in combination with the manual or automatic tray pull-out section. As a further option, the new storage lift also features a factory-made crane with whose help large and/or heavy parts can easily be stored and retrieved. As such, the new storage lift model meets all the requirements relating to ergonomically organized work processes.

Shuttle XP is state of the art
All models in the Shuttle XP series are highly dense storage systems with which companies in all sectors can streamline their work processes. Fast access times and a clear overview of the stock characterize the automated storage system. Large storage capacity can be achieved in the smallest of floor spaces, reducing the space used for storage by up to 80 per cent. The ''goods to person'' principle is an added benefit in terms of user friendliness. The stored goods are brought from the extractor (positioning lift) to the access opening where they can be ergonomically removed. All Shuttle XP models are fitted with Logicontrol as standard, the latest machine control system from Kardex Remstar. This can also be used for simple warehouse management. In addition, Logicontrol has interfaces which can be used to link it to superordinate ERP systems.

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