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Sigma cableless seismic acquisition system offers cabling option

Friday, January 14, 2011

iSeis Co., Oklahoma-based developer and manufacturer of the Sigma cableless seismic acquisition system, says that Sigma is now the first instrument of its type to offer the option of cabling together its cableless acquisition units.

The ground boxes need no internal modification for the functionality to be enabled.

According to Sigma, it is already unique in the cableless market in being the only recorder able to send back data in seismic real time from active spreads ranging from 2D’s and 3D’s to passive spreads of hundreds of square miles. It is also the only system which provides multiple options of time stamping data, for periods when GPS reception is poor or non-existent. Offering the ability to cable together ground units is another first for the industry.

Whereas cableless recorders usually boast about having done away with digital spread telemetry cables, iSeis recognises that instrumentation which cannot offer a wide range of features is an expensive risk - that cableless systems must be universal and not just suited to niche applications. Providing the ability to hardwire Sigma acquisition units together is an important feature to make cablefree hardware fit for all purposes, having applications in the passive recording marketing as well as in active acquisition, on land as well as on (and under) water.

Networks of channels, in any layout pattern or geometry, can be deployed with Sigma cabling. The cable can lead to the central system or just form part of a remote “Seismic-LAN”. In either case, the ground units remain unchanged allowing one Sigma system to offer the full spectrum of cablefree recording capabilities from shoot blind, on through a proprietary mesh radio network be remotely controlled and return QC/status information, or with an optional wifi have the ability to transmit full data sets, and now also be cabled together.

Users can mix and match any of this functionality, as well as use Sigma side-by-side existing third party recorders. Combined with source control functionality from its sister company, Seismic Source Co., any combination of multiple sources and receiver/recording systems of multiple types can now be used for the first time in the history of land seismic instrumentation.

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