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Software to manage ATEX inspections within SAP

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

North Sea operator the first to use 'Smart Ex' to improve Ex/ATEX inspection processes

Aberdeen, May 14 2024:
AG Consultancy, the SAP solutions specialists, has launched the first tool of its kind designed to overcome challenges posed by the implementation of global health and safety standards and Ex/ATEX inspections in the oil and gas industry and wider energy sector.

The Aberdeen based business - which also has an office in London - has now unveiled the programme to companies, with North Sea operator Spirit Energy becoming the first to adopt the solution. At the 2024 SAP Customer Success Awards, Spirit won the Sustainability Hero category for use of the solution.

'Smart Ex' allows businesses to undertake Ex/ATEX inspections internally within SAP without the need for third party products which can lead to difficulties and inefficiencies in managing multiple IT solutions lacking a 'single source of truth'. The fully integrated solution is an end-to-end tool which encompasses planning, execution and analysis and covers the full life cycle of Ex/ATEX inspections.

Deepal Ratnayaka, director SAP consultancy services at AG Consultancy, said: 'For the oil and gas sector - and wider energy industry - the problems posed by the use of multiple platforms when undertaking Ex/ATEX Inspections are significant and the challenges for companies can be demanding.

''Smart Ex' allows businesses access to mobile, real-time updates on a single system for more up to date insights for informed decision making by bringing together work
management and inspection management needs, negating the need for two separate IT solutions.'

The software - which is designed to be regularly updated with the latest technology including Artificial Intelligence and machine learning - manages various types of inspections
including integrity inspections, compliance checks, tool calibrations and maintenance checklists.

It complies with safety standards IEC60079, NEC500/505 and ATEX and a digital auditing trail allows for full traceability of inspections.

Benefits include the reduction of manual, duplicate efforts in system updates, time savings technicians, better insights to operation, a 'single source of truth' and the demonstration of better compliance via audit trails and analytics.

Ratnayaka added: 'As Ex/ATEX Inspections are an important business process, critical to the safety of staff and ongoing operations, we believe this tool can be revolutionary for organisations that are currently grappling with how best to address the challenge with multiple IT systems.

'As a trusted SAP Gold Partner, AG not only excels in consultancy but also innovates by developing products that enhance SAP solutions. Our extensive industry knowledge in oil and gas and energy, combined with our SAP proficiency, allows us to tailor SAP solutions to specific business needs. The successful implementation of 'Smart Ex' for Ex/ATEX Inspections at Spirit Energy is a prime example of our expertise.'

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