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Spectraseis low frequency seismic management tool

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spectraseis has launched RioGrande, a data management and visualization solution for LF seismic.

RioGrande provides LF survey users with an integrated toolset that simplifies the management and analysis of LF seismic data. It also includes a variety of data-specific viewers, including a 3D Map viewer, a Measurement Time Line viewer, an Image viewer, a Raw Data Trace viewer and a Synchrogram viewer.

Using RioGrande, exploration teams can browse, search and view all their LF Seismic acquisition and processing data - everything from survey points through to quality assessments and spectrograms - for each recorded measurement. The integration of external information, such as facility locations and earthquake events, provides the operator with a rich data set for interpretation. For example, an interpreter can efficiently locate LF seismic anomalies within the data set then go back to the base data to verify and understand the origin of the feature. Interpreters can also quantify how changes to the processing parameters alter the final result.

Spectraseis also plans to release the first version of an LF Seismic plug-in for Schlumberger's Petrel software later this year. The plug-in will allow Petrel users to integrate LF seismic survey data, analysis and results with conventional E&P data types, such as 2D/3D seismic, well logs and reservoir models, all within the Petrel framework. A user will be able to compute and visualize LF attributes, create velocity models for Spectraseis' Time Reverse Imaging (TRI), and then view and interpret TRI results in the context of their other geological and geophysical information.

RioGrande is being made available to all operators conducting LF seismic surveys with Spectraseis and will be installed at ten customer sites in the coming months. In future it may be available as a standalone product.

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