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Syncrude Canada and Honeywell operations management

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Syncrude Canada Ltd, one of the largest producers of crude oil from Canada's oil sands (and part of ExxonMobil), has implemented an operations management software from Honeywell. The software is called Operations Management Pro (OMPro).

The software can be used to formalise work processes and workflows. It is also used to set targets (such as for energy optimisation) and build a 'stewardship' process around achieving them.

Before the system was implemented, Syncrude was attempting to manage the situation using Excel spreadsheets, with inconsistent transfer of data between the extraction organization and the conversion/hydro-processing organization.

Syncrude was also looking for a standardized way to monitor operating targets.

When looking for a software system, it helped that Syncrude's parent company, ExxonMobil, already had experience wit4h Honeywell's OMPro software.

"Observing ExxonMobil's successes and track record with OMPro contributed significantly to the decision to implement the same solution at Syncrude," Honeywell says.

Syncrude worked together with Honeywell's product team to work out what functionality was required and deliver it.

"We are expecting a significant amount of return on investment over the long term with OM Pro, especially when we get more into the energy efficiency and optimization targets," said Derek Hachey, formerly IT Applications Group Lead and Senior Systems Analyst with Syncrude.

"The relationships with Honeywell's product team and project team have been instrumental in a successful implementation. 'We have had an on-going relationship with the product team ever since we moved forward with this product at Syncrude."

"In the short term, we are focusing on reducing incidents and ensuring that we comply with the critical operating targets."

Syncrude operates a large oil sand mine, utilities plant, bitumen extraction plant and upgrading facility that processes bitumen and produces value-added light, sweet crude oil called Syncrude Crude Oil (SCO) for domestic consumption and export.

The corporate headquarters are located in the city of Fort McMurray, 440 kilometres northeast of Edmonton, Alberta.

In 2008, Syncrude was the first company in the Canadian oil sands industry to receive certification from the Alberta Government for a reclaimed area called Gateway Hill.

The area was planted in the early 1980s and is now a forest of broad leaf and needle leaf trees interspersed by several wetlands.

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