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TRACS urges energy sector to ‘Take Control’ of its global assets ahead of OTC

Thursday, April 30, 2015

TRACS Assets announces the launch of 'TRACS Mobile' ahead of May's Offshore and Technology Conference (OTC) 2015 in Houston, Texas. Thanks to a new strategic partnership between ecom instruments and Samsung, leading to their development of the world's first ATEX Zone 1/Division 1 tablet, TRACS mobile application can now be brought into hazardous areas in the oil and gas sector around the world.

TRACS Mobile is a workflow application, which drives improved visibility of assets, facilitates stock movement in the field, reduces costs, enables more efficient workflow and enhances performance.

Dr Derek Austin, former student of Professor Higgs, of Higgs Boson God particle fame, and managing director of TRACS Assets says, 'TRACS Mobile was a natural evolution for our software as it enables our customers to take control when in the field and in hazardous areas, thus simplifying the still common pen and paper reporting process and reducing human error. We recognised the future importance of hand held devices for the oil and gas sector and how this would impact on the use of our software, so looked to form a partnership with a leader in industrial hand held devices.'

Derek continues, 'The strategic partnership formed with ecom instruments UK made complete sense in that we provide pioneering technology/software and they provide cutting edge devices, which can be used in even the most hazardous of areas. There was a definite synergy between both companies. We will be attending OTC and look forward to showing the benefits and usability of TRACS software to our clients, and the global energy sector. When coupled with the innovative handheld device from ecom, our software really does come into its own.'

Carl Henderson, managing director of ecom instruments UK, says, 'We immediately saw the potential when running the TRACS Mobile application on our latest hardware. This powerful application, twinned with our latest device will be an effective tool for engineers and mobile workers in the oil and gas industry.'

Carl continues, 'Innovation is not about invention, innovation is about taking existing components and bringing them together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. A prime example is the smartphone; operating systems, touchscreens, Gorilla Glass and integrated cameras all existed previously but when combined in the form of a smartphone, the results were breathtaking. The combination of ecom's hardware and TRACS' software solutions are extremely innovative and powerful and are certain to unlock the door to large cost savings across the industry.'

'With rapidly changing market conditions, there is an ever-growing need to become more productive and efficient while increasing the life-span of assets and equipment, all the while maintaining exceptional levels of safety. With a built-in camera and a full range of wireless capabilities, the Tab-Ex®, when used with TRACS software, enables equipment defects to be captured at the point of inspection, while maintenance work is executed, and made instantly visible to those who need to diagnose the issue and determine follow-on actions. We look forward to having the Tab-Ex® showcased at OTC, which will show end users the functionality of our device and its ease of use when combined with the TRACS Mobile software.'

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