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The PIDX International ETDX initiative moves Scope 3 emissions reporting forward

Friday, July 23, 2021

PIDX International, a professional standards organization comprised of Energy Industry leaders, announced that its emissions transparency data exchange (ETDX) Project Team is moving forward with Scope 3 emissions reporting.

With a strong antitrust framework at its foundation, PIDX is dedicated to working together to develop energy transition standards for data exchange regarding carbon emissions.

In February of 2020, PIDX International held its first ever Innovation Day that resulted in several new initiatives, one being the ETDX initiative. Since its inception at the Innovation Day, the ETDX project has surpassed many milestones.

Over the last year, the project team has collaborated with the Open Group's Open Footprint Forum and other emissions reporting initiatives, determining that PIDX is most valuable to enable emissions reporting through commercial transactions. Through broad analysis of scope 3 emissions reporting, the ETDX team understands what emissions data is required by the buyer and will be reported by the supplier.

The team modeled the process flow of use cases that utilize real-world data to showcase the effectiveness of tracking a buyer's scope 3 emissions at the detailed line-item level throughout the supply chain from its suppliers. The project team then created a proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate transmitting scope 3 emissions data between buyer and supplier using the updated PIDX standards.

'Scope 3 emissions are difficult to track because they are from external sources; however, including the data fields in PIDX supply chain messages makes emissions reporting transparent when companies conduct business transactions,' said Chris Welsh, CEO of OFS Portal & PIDX Chairman of the Board. 'This breakthrough permits reporting of scope 3 emissions to become the norm in the millions of daily business transactions across the Energy Industry.'

Used globally by more than 100 Energy companies, PIDX standards address specific Energy Industry data needs that are not covered by generic B2B standards. PIDX standards are designed to be technology agnostic, free to use, and have been proven to increase return on investment when implementing technology adhering to the standards.

'Focusing on reporting Scope 3 emissions is a top priority because our clients understand the importance of tracking carbon emissions not just internally, but throughout the entire supply chain,' said David Shackleton, IDS, Head of Carbon Data Management, PIDX Business Processes Work Group Chair and ETDX Vice Chair. 'Reporting emissions to this level creates a fuller picture of the actual emissions produced around a specific business transaction.'

PIDX's Emissions Transparency Data Exchange project team is seeking participation from the industry from standards organizations, operators, suppliers, and network providers alike.

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