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dGB launches new version of open source seismic interpretation software

Friday, June 22, 2012

dGB Earth Sciences of the Netherlands has launched a new version of its OpendTect 4.4 software for seismic interpretation.

The software can be downloaded free of charge at

The software includes 3 new plugins to:

Help seismic interpreters estimate seismic net pay from seismic colour inversion data, enhance the signal of flat events, and improve petrophysics interpretation.

The seismic net pay plug-in was developed by ARK CLS, a UK seismic geophysics specialist. It estimates net pay from seismic colour inversion data by correcting average amplitude to seismic net-to-gross. Seismic Net Pay is used to make estimates of either net pay or net rock volume depending on the input data and calibration.

The seismic feature enhancement plug-in was also developed by ARK CLS. It is a powerful flat-spot enhancement tool that improves the signal of consistent flat events and reduces the 'noise' of channel reflections. This plugin complements Common Contour Binning (CCB), a dGB plugin that stacks seismic traces along horizon contour lines to highlight subtle hydrocarbon-related seismic anomalies and pin-point Gas-Water, Gas-Oil and Oil-Water contacts.

The CLAS - Computer Log Analysis Software, developed by Argentinean geosciences company, Geoinfo, is an open hole log analysis package that integrates petrophysics with geophysics. CLAS, through which well log petrophysics can be performed within OpendTect rather than having to be imported, will result in improved well-to-seismic ties, the enhanced calibration of seismic attributes to reservoir properties, more robust models, and the more accurate interpretation of 3D seismic data.

'With operators targeting ever more geologically complex fields and looking to maximize the effectiveness of drilling and production strategies, the extra value they can squeeze out of the seismic data can make the difference between success and failure,' says Paul de Groot, President of dGB Earth Sciences.

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