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TGT to establish UAE Technology Hub
TGT Diagnostics has signed an agreement to build a new technology hub in Abu Dhabi
17 May 2023

TEKEVER AR3 monitoring critical assets for AERIAL ROBOTIX in Nigeria
TEKEVER has been chosen by AERIAL ROBOTIX for environmental monitoring of oil and gas infrastructure in Nigeria
10 May 2023

Shearwater awarded 4D surveys over gas fields, west of Shetland
Shearwater awarded two 4D surveys over important gas fields, west of Shetland.
11 May 2023

Tekever expands in North America for oil & gas market
Tekever expands in North America with new contract for oil & gas market
08 May 2023

FutureOn expands to Latin America with multi-year contract award from Petrobras
FutureOn, the global energy software company, has secured a multi-year contract with Petrobras to license its groundbreaking digital design and decision-making platform, FieldTwin. The major Brazilian oil and gas company will leverage the platform to spearhead the digital transformation of its subsea operations.
04 May 2023

Hiber is scaling up worldwide
Easy and affordable remote well-monitoring solution is now available in over 19 oil- and gas-producing countries to help improve safety and sustainability in the energy transition
02 May 2023

PakEnergy names industry veteran Santosh Nanda as new CEO
25+ Years strategic and operational software expertise, known for innovation, growth, delivering customer value
25 Apr 2023

ABB supplies electrical system for Petrobras vessel
ABB is delivering the topside and hullside electrical system automation for one of the largest vessels to be deployed in an ultra-deepwater oil and gas field off the coast of Brazil
27 Apr 2023

Halliburton launches Spyglass™ ESP design and performance software
Operators can design, build, and access real-time analytic data, reports on current ESP performance and health from their devices anywhere in the world
26 Apr 2023

Rockwell Automation works with TotalEnergies, implementing robot fleet managemen
Rockwell Automation leverages IoT, gamification, and digital twin technologies to implement a Robotic Supervision System (RSS) for TotalEnergies
25 Apr 2023

Sercel sells 20,000 WiNG seismic nodes in North America
Sercel sells 20,000 WiNG seismic acquisition channels to MKS Consulting Ltd
12 Apr 2023

ABB technology to help tackle methane leakages from orphan oil and gas wells
ABB's proven emissions monitoring technology now extends to tackling the massive environmental problem of millions of leaking orphan oil and gas wells
20 Apr 2023

Intelligent wellhead systems opens operations base in Midland, Texas
Rising demand in Permian Basin Triggers Expansion
06 Apr 2023

38% of organisations hit with ransomware in 2022 were repeat victims
Barracuda international survey finds 73% of organisations experienced a successful ransomware attack in 2022 - 38% were hit more than once.
13 Apr 2023

Repsol accelerates digital journey with Halliburton Landmark
Repsol accelerates digital journey with Halliburton landmark to automate and streamline its well design process
05 Apr 2023

Neptune Energy boosts global portfolio of digital twins
Neptune Energy announced an agreement to create new 'digital twins' of two offshore platforms in the Dutch North Sea
06 Apr 2023

Magellan X unveils the SOL-X SmartWatch’s latest features
Magellan X unveils the SOL-X SmartWatch's latest features, adding a new dimension to worker safety Singapore
27 Apr 2023

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