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Shearwater GeoServices multiple technology survey for carbon storage contract
Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS ('Shearwater') is pleased to announce the award of a 3D multiple technology integrated geophysical survey, with an option for a second survey, for use carbon storage in Liverpool Bay, England.
21 Apr 2022

CGG expands high-performance computing capacity with new UK HPC hub
To support continued differentiation in its core business and accelerate the development of its new activities, CGG is significantly expanding its high-performance computing (HPC) capacity and associated service offerings.
21 Apr 2022

STRYDE,Projeo, Explor join forces to deliver seismic for CCUS CarbonSAFE project
Explor is deploying over 20,000 STRYDE Nodes to enable high-density 3D imaging for a CCUS project in Gibson City, Illinois, USA for Projeo Corporation. The US Department of Energy funded CarbonSAFE project is being led by the Illinois State Geological Survey at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Affordable, small, and lightweight Nodal seismic technology together with Explor's IntelliSeis methodology transforms the economics of CCUS project development and operation.
21 Apr 2022

Halliburton introduces StrataStar real-time multilayer visualization
Halliburton Company introduced StrataStar, a deep azimuthal resistivity service that provides multilayer visualization to maximize well contact with the reservoir and improve real-time reserves evaluation.
21 Apr 2022

Shearwater GeoServices awarded large North Sea 4D project by Equinor
Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS ('Shearwater') is pleased to announce the award of a large 4D ocean bottom node ('OBN') baseline project by Equinor.
21 Apr 2022

Shearwater GeoServices awarded 3D survey contract in Korea
Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS ('Shearwater') has been awarded the contract for two 3D seismic surveys offshore South Korea, together with seismic data processing and imaging by Korea National Oil Corporation ('KNOC').
21 Apr 2022

14,000 Line Kilometers of new FTG and magnetic data available for exploration
Bell Geospace announced the readiness of 14,000 Line Kilometers of new airborne Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) and magnetic data in Sri Lanka.
15 Mar 2022

Schlumberger deployment of reservoir engineering solutions for ConocoPhillips
Schlumberger announced an enterprise-wide deployment of the cloud-based DELFI* cognitive E&P environment for ConocoPhillips.
15 Mar 2022

CGG delivers new multi-client study for screening geothermal resources
CGG has released a new GeoVerseTM Geothermal Resource Assessment study to support the evaluation of geothermal energy potential and help identify new sites and regions for future development.
15 Mar 2022

Shearwater GeoServices recycles four vessels as part of fleet renewal strategy
Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS ('Shearwater') is divesting the four seismic acquisition vessels Polar Marquis, Oceanic Challenger, SW Emerald, and SW Eagle for recycling as part of its fleet renewal strategy.
04 Mar 2022

Schlumberger GeoSphere 360 3D reservoir mapping-while-drilling service
GeoSphere 360 service delivers real-time 3D reservoir insights to enhance reservoir understanding and optimize production potential.
24 Feb 2022

Blue Ocean Seismic Services makes senior appointments to support scale up
Blue Ocean Seismic Services, the marine seismic survey disruptor, is delighted to announce two new senior appointments and the opening of a new office in London.
19 Feb 2022

Shearwater GeoServices in technology collaboration with ConocoPhillips Company
Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS, ('Shearwater') announces a strategic technology sale and transfer agreement between its US subsidiary Shearwater GeoServices Software Inc. and ConocoPhillips Company ('ConocoPhillips'), involving seismic imaging technology that will be implemented in Shearwater's Reveal software ('Reveal').
07 Feb 2022

Shearwater, Equinor, Var Energi and Lundin Energy Norway join forces
Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS ('Shearwater') and Equinor are extending their collaboration to include Vår Energi and Lundin Energy Norway to accelerate the development and commercialisation of a sustainable marine vibratory source technology to minimise environmental footprint and enhance data quality from seismic data acquisition.
26 Jan 2022

CGG awarded multi-year extension of dedicated 4D PRM imaging center for Equinor
CGG has been awarded a three-year contract extension to continue operating a dedicated permanent reservoir monitoring (PRM) imaging center in Equinor's Stavanger offices.
19 Jan 2022

Norway's DISKOS - building Version 2.0 on OSDU
Norway is building Version 2.0 of its National Data Repository DISKOS, which will be built on the OSDU platform, and enable people to work with data without having to download it.
19 Jan 2022

Aeon - seamless access to public subsurface data on the Public Data Repository
Aeon Geoscience Systems of Edinburgh, UK, has launched a free platform to provide access to public subsurface data on the UKCS.
19 Jan 2022

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