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Aeon - seamless access to public subsurface data on the Public Data Repository
Aeon Geoscience Systems of Edinburgh, UK, has launched a free platform to provide access to public subsurface data on the UKCS.
19 Jan 2022

CGG confirms phase 3 of Northern Viking Graben dual-azimuth multi-client survey
CGG announced phase three of its dual-azimuth multi-client 3D survey in the Northern North Sea.
19 Jan 2022

CGG sells physical asset storage and services business to OASIS Group and Access
CGG S.A. ('CGG') announced that it has closed the sale of the physical storage assets and associated services of its Smart Data Solutions business to OASIS Group ('OASIS') and Access Information Management Corporation ('Access').
19 Jan 2022

STRYDE breaks records for land seismic acquisition
STRYDE, a pioneering seismic technology provider, is growing revenue by more than 1000% in 2021, powered by increasing demand for high-quality, low impact - yet affordable - seismic acquisition.
16 Dec 2021

Data formats within OSDU
It can be confusing that while OSDU is a standard data platform, it is not a standard data format, but makes use of standard data formats which already exist. Energistics' Jay Hollingsworth explained more.
07 Dec 2021

Explaining OSDU
There is growing buzz in the industry about the Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) project. We heard more about what it is, how to work with a commercial provider, and how Energistics' standards are used in it, at a SPDM forum.
07 Dec 2021

How data management roles are evolving
UK industry body Oil and Gas UK (OGUK) commissioned Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen to make a survey and report on how the role of data professionals is changing, and the status of digitalisation in the industry. It was asked to put together a digitalisation skills development road map.
07 Dec 2021

CGG, TGS and BGP commence acquisition of Suriname 3D Phase 1
Further to the announcement on October 20, 2021 of a signed agreement with Staatsolie for multi-client programs offshore Suriname, CGG, a global geoscience technology leader, in a consortium with TGS and BGP, announced that acquisition for Phase 1 of the Suriname 3D project has commenced.
16 Nov 2021

Geothermal energy - understanding the business case
While geothermal energy seems unlikely to make a big change to the world energy system, it also offers too much potential to ignore. Our webinar on Jul 9 studied the business case for geothermal energy developments.
09 Nov 2021

Halliburton launches
Curated subsurface, drilling and production AI/ML models delivered as cloud services to enable predictive operations for the real-time enterprise.
04 Nov 2021

CGG, PGS and TGS announce unified multi-client seismic data ecosystem
Further to the announcement on 15 December 2020, CGG, PGS and TGS, industry leaders of multi-client geoscience data, announce Versal - a unified seismic data ecosystem giving access to three of the world's largest multi-client libraries via a single log-in.
29 Oct 2021

CGG, TGS and BGP sign agreement with Staatsolie for multi-client programs
CGG, a global geoscience technology leader, in a consortium with TGS and BGP, announced the signature of a multi-client agreement with Staatsolie, the state-owned company leading the development of the energy industry in the Republic of Suriname.
21 Oct 2021

Shearwater new seismic source technology enhances subsurface characterisation
Shearwater GeoServices Holding (Shearwater) is proud to present a new and exciting seismic source technology for marine surveys.
21 Oct 2021

CGG announces the closing of GeoSoftware business
Sale for a total cash consideration of US$95 million.
07 Oct 2021

Sercel awarded major seismic equipment contract in North Africa
CGG has announced the award to Sercel of a major contract to supply land seismic equipment for a 3D mega-crew survey in North Africa.
30 Sep 2021

Shearwater GeoServices awarded Australian 3D seismic survey by Beach Energy
Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS ('Shearwater') announces a 3D seismic exploration survey contract award by Beach Energy.
28 Sep 2021

Energistics to become affiliate of Open Group
Standards organisation Energistics has announced plans to become an 'affiliate' of the Open Group, effective January 2022.
04 Sep 2021

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