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Supercomputing partnership to turbocharge Australian research & green innovation
Curtin University and DUG Technology Ltd have entered into a decade-long partnership to collaborate in the fields of high-performance computing (HPC), education and research.
22 Apr 2021

CGG awarded three imaging projects by BP
CGG has been awarded three major seismic imaging projects by BP, two from the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and one from offshore Trinidad & Tobago.
01 Apr 2021

STRYDE nodes enable Explor to perform 2D seismic imaging in challenging terrain
- Explor trial in Canadian Rocky Mountains delivered in half the time required with 20% less labour-force for projects using conventional nodes or seismic cable projects - STRYDE's globally proven seismic technology delivers high-density subsurface imaging for any industry requirement across any terrain
31 Mar 2021

Sercel and Kappa Offshore Solutions jointly launch PIKSEL
A new high-resolution 3D marine seismic solution for renewable energy applications.
18 Mar 2021

Sercel equips 3D mega-crew seismic survey in North Africa
Sercel is pleased to announce that its high-performance equipment is currently being deployed on another 3D mega-crew survey, this time by a major North African geophysical company.
18 Mar 2021

Geophysical Insights awards the University of Aberdeen licenses to Paradise AI
Geophysical Insights, a Houston-based company, has awarded the University of Aberdeen licenses to the Paradise AI workbench for seismic interpretation.
18 Mar 2021

SpotLight - "point" seismic to detect changes in the subsurface
SpotLight, a company based in Massy, France, is developing technology to monitor changes in the subsurface using seismic focussed on small volume or 'spot'.
25 Feb 2021

Shearwater GeoServices awarded landmark Petrobras 3D OBN surveys
Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS ('Shearwater') announced the award of a substantial contract for deepwater Ocean Bottom Node seismic acquisition for the Tupi and Iracema projects in the Santos Basin offshore Brazil.
18 Feb 2021

Sercel strengthens position of its 508XT land seismic acquisition system
Sercel has significantly increased the market position of its 508XT land seismic acquisition system in India.
18 Feb 2021

Moveout Data to develop OGA's National Data Repository
Osokey collaborates with Moveout to migrate UK offshore legacy data to the cloud Part of programme to enhance OGA's National Data Repository Moveout's METASEIS system will ensure integrity and accuracy of data
18 Feb 2021

Flare awarded data services contract with the Oil & Gas Authority
Flare Solutions has announced that the OGA (Oil & Gas Authority) in the UK has selected Flare to help improve the completeness and quality of data held by the OGA. The OGA's aim is to ensure that it can supply better datasets to the industry and other stakeholders in order to promote its objectives of Maximising Economic Recovery and Energy Transition.
27 Jan 2021

CGG Satellite Mapping completes Barents Sea seeps study for NPD
CGG's Satellite Mapping group recently completed an innovative high-resolution hydrocarbon seeps study commissioned by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD).
21 Jan 2021

Shearwater GeoServices awarded Western Offshore India 3D contract by ONGC
Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS ('Shearwater') announced the award of a 3D broadband marine seismic acquisition contract by ONGC in the Western Offshore India area.
22 Dec 2020

Landmark and Kadme win contracts for Diskos 2.0, Norway's NDR
Diskos is a national database of information that is very important for the oil and gas industry. The database was established in 1995 by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and active oil companies in Norway.
18 Dec 2020

CGG, PGS and TGS announce strategic partnership for shared multi-client data
CGG, PGS and TGS, industry leaders of multi-client geoscience data, announced a pioneering strategic partnership to offer a shared ecosystem providing direct access to their subsurface multi-client data libraries.
17 Dec 2020

Sercel wins Second Saudi mega-crew equipment contract
CGG announced that Sercel has won a second major contract to supply land seismic equipment to a leading seismic acquisition contractor for a 3D mega-crew survey in Saudi Arabia.
17 Dec 2020

CGG signs multi-client airborne gravity gradient survey agreement in Congo
CGG is mobilizing to acquire the industry's first-ever multi-client airborne gravity and magnetic survey of the onshore Congo Cuvette Basin in the Republic of Congo after signing an agreement with the SNPC and the Ministry of Hydrocarbons.
16 Dec 2020

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