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2nd People and Offshore Engineering Data

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Video Presentation

Making Data Work - Finding better ways to manage offshore documents and data over the asset lifecycle
Thomas Andersson
Siemens Industry Software A/S

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Talk Description
With COMOS, Siemens provides the perfect answer to the challenges of managing data and document integrity during the plant and project lifecycles. The solution is to achieve a seamless flow of information across all involved functions: from process design, basic and detail engineering to commissioning, training, operations and modernization, making data work. COMOS provides a foundation for establishing this data to work by combining the traditionally split system functionalities such as engineering tools, document management, maintenance management system, LCI, Engineering Numbering systems into the same platform.

Additionally, COMOS provides a tailored set of solutions that support efficient commissioning and operation. For example, COMOS Walkinside instantly links a virtual reality model with current plant information. The software solution displays the current status of a plant with a 3D simulation that is virtually true to life. The advanced 3D visualization supports plant commissioning and operator and staff training by providing a virtual reality environment.

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