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Using Analytics to Improve Production

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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Improving production with life-cycle based analytics

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Chris Lenzsch

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Talk Description
To understand the potential impact of life-cycle based analytics on production and asset exploitation, we must first understand how these will be implemented when harnessing what is now popularly referred to as the “3rd Platform”, together with the associated new “Data Fabric” for embracing data of all types.

Truly scalable grid computing, cloud, virtualization, Hadoop, and other leading technologies have changed the architecture and infrastructure landscape, bringing the promised revolutionary benefits of an integrated oilfield and analytics solutions within reach and with clear business results.

As upstream moves towards attaining our 21st century business goals, the reality of the current situation is becoming clearer:
• the Digital Oilfield (DOF) has positioned us well for next step-change in Upstream operations, but has also failed to fulfill many of our lofty goal,
• harnessing the massive amounts of current and future data from key sources such as real-time streaming, operational data stores, and engineering applications and analytics across functions must be ubiquitous,
• true life-cycle management (well, field, asset, etc.) is critical for enabling agile business transformation, and
• the “business” will increasingly take a leadership position in petrotechnical initiatives, placing the demands of the end-users more squarely in the driver seat.

The above topics will be reviewed, followed by a case study discussion, demonstrating how a common DOF analytics solution approach can be practically extended across the exploration and production life-cycle through a Big Data 3rd Platform model and approach.

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