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Developments with the digital oilfield

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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(local digital oilfield heroes) Virtual oil platforms for language training used by Tengiz Chevroil and Japex

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Nathalie Alfandary

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Talk Description
Languagelab has developed a series of online 3D virtual oil platforms for language and technical training in the oil and gas industry, which is currently being used by companies such as Tengiz Chevroil and Japex.

We provide immersive, contextual, oil and gas specific English language training with native English speaking industry professionals.

Our training platform also allows students to learn basic offshore skills, safety and evacuation training and specific technical training in a safe, realistic environment.

Using a headset and microphone, students from around the world can learn together. This reduces the need for costly and time intensive face to face methods of training. We are unique in the fact that all of our teachers are both native speakers and have specific industry experience, and we are the only online service who can offer such a high level of immersion into the environment in question.

Our environment drives uniquely high levels of engagement - 60% of our Oil and Gas English learners spend on average over 9 hours a month studying with us. This in turn leads to faster progress, with students improving on average one English level after just 30 hours of study.

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