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Using Analytics to Improve Production

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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Data, models, workflows and change management: towards better operational performance

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Sergio Sama Rubio

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For the last ten or fifteen years (at least) the O&G industry has seen the rise (and in some cases the fall as well) of concepts like Digital Oilfield, Integrated Operations, Digital Asset, SmartFields, iField, Field of the Future,… While the huge swings in crude oil price have not provided a stable decision making framework for companies to fully adopt these concepts, there is now renewed interest since the current situation is forcing radical action and, as existing producing assets are being subjected to renewed focus and attention, O&G producers are turning their attention back to techniques that promise to bring improved operational performance, in terms of increased production, reduced production cost, etc. Experience is that four areas are key for ensuring the success of these initiatives: data, models, workflows and change management. A case study around staged implementation of production workflows will illustrate how these four areas can be made to co-operate to deliver substantially increased operational performance.

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