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Doing More With Offshore Engineering Data

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Video Presentation

How the Digital Supply Chain and 3D Intelligent Modelling are Transforming Engineering and Operations across the Information-driven Value Chain
Rob Gascho

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Talk Description
The convergence of new technologies and methods is disrupting traditional business models. For decades now, 3D plant design has been on a steady adoption curve in the industry , slowly transforming engineering from a document-based paradigm to what it is today – information-based, intelligent modelling. The principle challenges to realizing the full potential of this intelligent, information driven enterprise has been how to keep the models up-to-date, while efficiently managing the flow of information across the value chain – from suppliers, to EPCM contractors, to the owner-operators and back to field services companies - through the life of the physical asset. Learn how a digital supply chain and master data governance can streamline and transform your business

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