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Aug-Sept 23

September 2023


  • Finding CO2 storage opportunities in old data with automated tools - Jess Kozman of Katalyst Data Management shared his experience
  • Searching seismic data archives - When geoscientists have questions like, “where have I seen something like this before,” they benefit from fast access to many different seismic files. Paul Thompson of Talus explained how technology can help
  • How geologists can use LLMs - they can be trained to generate natural language answers to natural language questions, within a specific domain such as geology. Is it practical to achieve? Henri Blondelle shared his perspective
  • How much do data managers need to know about AI? Should they advise people how to work with it? Does it put their jobs at risk? Speakers from (formerly) Chevron, Shell, AgileDD and Sword Venture
  • To run LLMs on data, contextualise it first - Cognite explained how to get LLMs to answre questoins in human language
  • Using large language models (LLMs) to answer questions about your data in human language. To do that, the data needs to be first ‘contextualised’. Cognite explained
  • Mendix launches V10 of low code software - better tools to manage a portfolio of apps, and better tools to integrate with other systems, among the developments
  • What’s better for transactions, XML, JSON, blockchain? For digital transactions, XML has been around for 20 years, JSON can include more code, and blockchain may provide more security. A PIDX webinar explored the subject
  • Working with blockchain - allows you to prove that a document, or a file of transaction descriptions, has never been altered. DocStudio and Topl explained how it works
  • How to integrate E&P data - There would be many business benefits from being able to integrate all our E&P data into a single system. By Nalin Jena, head, Petroleum Data Management, Reliance Industries Limited Exploration and Production


  • Technology to monitor and reduce flaring - satellite images are increasingly being used to monitor and quantify flaring. But finding commercially viable ways to reduce it is hard
  • Using RTUs to monitor pipelines - to gather and communicate data and carry out instructions
  • Improving IIOT connectivity - Big challenges for oil and gas IIOT networks are getting different systems to work together, working with unreliable connectivity, and managing legacy infrastructure
  • Exploring for lithium, cobalt, copper, nickel - People with subsurface expertise may be drawn into the quest to find and develop mines for minerals needed to make batteries, solar panels and EV systems
  • Better safety management from better questions - improving the way we ask questions about normal work but learning a special technique to do it may illuminate ways we can improve. Dr Marcin Nazaruk has a method
  • Technology and threats to physical security - Digital technology brings threats to physical security as well as cybersecurity, such as with drone attacks. By Nelson Duran, director of operations with ABS Protected Design Group

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